Lirik Lagu Insensitive – Letto


Judul LaguInsensitive
AlbumTruth, Cry, And Lie
GenrePop, Hip Hop/Rap, Alternative
PengarangSabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh
Truth, Cry, And Lie

Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu Insensitive - Letto

Lirik Lagu Insensitive

A silent move that we make
When we awake
Oh no…

My conscience
Come and going come and go
A troubled mind and twisted hand
We use everytime this everytime…

All the sentimental feeling
That sometimes makes our heart burning
We surrender to a strong desire
Ignorant to the needs of other
. Little whisper of little voices
That calls when we make desperate choices
Are we that oblivious?
So insensitive

… so many choices to be made
So little time to decide
So little guilt on our side

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