Lirik Lagu Almost – Letto


Judul LaguAlmost
GenrePop, Hip Hop/Rap, Alternative
PengarangSabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh

Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu Almost - Letto

Lirik Lagu Almost

Does it all make sense
Or make you go insane
Do you really need a pain
To have what you again

You try hard
And try harder
U never stop
Or pause on whatever

Do you know what you want to be

Money gives u ALMOST
Everythingu need
Love gives you ALMOST all
The peace you’ll ever seek
Fame gives you ALMOST
Every pride you can crave
Freedom gives you the illusion
Of being brave

How far will you go for
We’ll know in a few years

We’re all connected
I think you can feel it
Why do you keep denying
The inevitable thing

Where are you?
That’s you and me
Is everything fine?

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